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We are a charity pre-school, so help is essential to keep us going



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Pre-School Garden Improvement Project Update

On Saturday 18th January a group of volunteers came in to start phase 1 of our garden improvement project. 

It was lovely to see such an amazing community spirit.  Local companies got involved; Gardenscape kindly donated 5 tons of topsoil and a ton of sand for our allotment and paved area and Alsford Timber subsidised the cost of sleepers and fencing for the allotment and digging/mud kitchen area.

Parents, grandparents, staff and Committee members spent the day clearing, shredding trees and shrubs, digging, laying sleepers and paving slabs. 

Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of topsoil and sand were transported round to the garden. Our local Community Warden got involved and spent the morning with us too.


Workers were kept motivated with hot dogs, bacon sandwiches, tea, coffee and cakes. We are so grateful to everyone who got involved. Another date will be organised soon for phase 2 of the project and our allotment should be ready to use by spring time.

Phase 2 will involve making a story telling area in one corner of the garden, with large wooden seating.


We are fortunate to have a very large outdoor play area at our Pre-School and over the years we have gradually improved our outdoor space, but feel that further improvements will make it a really amazing space all year round, with outdoor play and learning environment that the children will love! Children can learn so much outdoors, in addition to the obvious benefits of fresh air and exercise. As well as bringing indoor activities outside they also have the opportunity to learn more about the natural world, exploring bugs and insects, growing plants and vegetables (following the whole process from farm to fork) and developing gross motor skills with physical activities.

We plan to develop an allotment area, where the children can grow their own plants and snack time salad, a digging area, a story telling area, wooden covered sandpit and a wooden climbing area. As well as obvious purchases, we will need astro turf, railway sleepers or other suitable edging for our allotment, fencing, topsoil, materials to make sun shade/waterproof canopy and treated wood for making story telling chairs and a bug hotel!

As a registered charity and non-profit making business we rely solely on fundraising events and the goodwill of staff and committee members, parents, carers and the local community. If you feel you can offer any help, donations or contacts, or would like to join us in any way on this project please come in and speak to us or respond via email to

We also welcome any visitors who can talk to the children about how they help in our community. For example, the children have recently enjoyed visits from our Head Groundsman, who brought round a tractor at Harvest time, our local Lollipop Lady and, our new Community Warden.



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We have a Friends of Ditton Church Pre School group which is similar to  a PTA at school. We are currently raising funds for our garden improvement project. Do you work for a company whose resources would be of use to Pre-school?
For example, do you benefit from a discount scheme? Or do you have access to art and craft materials, garden equipment, plants and flowers, printing supplies etc.?

We also support other charity events such as Sport Relief and Children in Need.


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We actively encourage you to be involved in the life of our Pre-School. There are a number of ways in which you may be able to help.


Ditton Church Pre-School is run by a Management Committee, who hold meetings once a term and are actively involved in the day to day running of our Pre-School. We also have a small group of parents who work together to organise events such as coffee mornings, social evenings and fairs.

You may feel that you would like to join the Management Committee or parent team to help to organise events.

We do have a parent’s rota for helping during Pre-School sessions, but appreciate some parents are not able to do this. There may be other ways that you feel able to help. These include washing of toys, cooking, cutting out, dressmaking or helping to maintain the Pre-School garden.

We would love you to be as involved as you are able to. Please ask a member of staff if you would like more information or complete the slip below and return to Pre-School.

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Garden Project
Fund Raising
Ways to Help


The Pre-School has charitable status (charity registration no: 1139117) and our charitable objectives are:

To enhance the development and education of children primarily under statutory school age by encouraging parents to understand and provide for the needs of their children through community groups and by:

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Click here to see our Constitution

  1. Offering appropriate play facilities and training courses, together with the right of parents to take responsibility for and to become involved in the activities of such groups, ensuring that such groups offer opportunities for all children whatever their race, culture, religion, means
    or ability;


  2. Encouraging the study of the needs of such children and their families and promoting public interest in and recognition of such needs in the local areas;

  3. Instigating and adhering to and furthering the aims of the Pre-School.

Charitable Status
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The Committee is made up of parent and church representatives and is chaired by the Rector of St Peter’s Ditton. The Committee are responsible for the overall management and smooth running of the setting. Each member of the Committee has a role;

Vice Chairperson
Social Secretary
Fundraising Secretary

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Garden Maintenance
Health and Safety
PCC member

If you are interested in joining our Committee please 

contact Jane Barwick, our Pre-School Administrator.



Caroline Gibbons

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During the early part of the year 2000 when my youngest daughter was nearly 2 years old myself and some friends discussed the Pre School options in the local area for our children. Several of us were members of the church and discussed the possibility of a church community Pre school. Ross was totally in favour of the idea and as I had worked in childcare all my life I had the relevant qualifications to lead the Pre School. After an intensive 9 months of preparation and funding Ditton Church Pre School opened on 9 January 2001 with about 12 children on our register. By the time I left 6 years later we had established ourselves as a popular Pre school. 20 years on the Pre School has gone from strength to strength and I have always kept in touch with staff and committee. I still work in the Early Years sector and it has been a privilege to sit on the committee for the last 8 years or more. I am Vice Chair and meet with Wendy for her appraisal. I am also the Committee rep for Safeguarding.


Mike Stevens

I am a retired lecturer in Bookkeeping and Accounting and I believe passionately in the need to educate young children. Although I don't get too involved in the actual mentoring of our young guests at preschool I can sometimes be seen fixing things around the grounds. I also spend quite a lot of time moving numbers around, trying to make ends meet and keeping the books in order.

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